Globus Media Group was founded in 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria. A team of experienced and single – minded artists turned their ideas in one of the most popular production companies for documentaries corporate videos, commercials and trailers in Bulgaria.

Globus Media Group is an independent media group of brave artists, inspired authors and skilled managerial spirit. We have a dozen years of experience in the media business and a decade in the creation of TV films and production stations. We created the first Bulgarian TV channel for adventure, travel and tourism Travel TV and the first Bulgarian FullHD TV channel – Travel HD. We construct our own software solutions, maintain our own server network and we distribute our TV products through the best and most effective technique of modern digital market.

We are proud that we are among the pioneers in IPTV-broadcast, in the creation of high-quality documentaries, 3D and 4K productions and film productions.

We live in the rhythm of the modern media world and  we never stop looking for high standards to follow, we never stop setting new goals and pushing through the new routes. Our team aims to be the best in the art, that we create. We have created more than 2200 movies, impressions and videos. We have fielded more than 150 000 hours of TV production. Our company maintains and actively uses the largest archive of HD footage in Bulgaria – more than 350 000 frames.

We have well equipped mounting studios for preparation and development of products. We own a set of specific technical cinema equipment for filming special scenes as Dolly, Crane, drone, rotary table and many others. Our team uses products of Panasonic, DJI, Carl Zeiss, Movi, Miller and many others of the best companies in the industry.

Globus Media Group unites two TV channels. The most popular among them is Travel TV, the first Bulgarian television for tourism and adventure, on air from August 2005. In 2010 launches the first Bulgarian channel with high resolution – Travel HD. From the beginning of 2015 Travel HD has a new name – This is Bulgaria HD and is 24-hour TV about video impressions for Bulgaria.

Our two television channels have nationwide coverage by the largest distributors of television programs in Bulgaria. They are on air and online at www.

We love our profession and we aim to develop it harmonious!